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Nose Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana 1.6mm Coloured Titanium Barbell (Purple)
Blue Banana 1.6mm Coloured Titanium Barbell (Purple)

There are two main nose piercings which are common amongst piercing enthusiasts, and they are the nostril and septum piercings. The nostril piecing is completed on the side of the nose, while the septum piercing is through the middle of the tissue which separates the two nostrils.

Which Nose Piercings Will You Go For?

If youíve had nose piercings in the past, youíll know that itís best to give your nose a good blow before you go to see your piercer, and that some tears are likely to appear in your eyes during the process, and you might even see a little blood. A tissue should be provided by your piercer so if it isnít, make sure you ask for one.

Healing nose piercings is relatively simple, although youíll need to take extra care while blowing your nose during the healing process, and make sure that you are touching your area only with clean hands or a tissue. Obviously, being gentle will help the healing process no end, and youíll soon be able to blow your nose normally, remembering to wipe your jewellery down too!

Nostril Or Septum Nose Piercings? You Decide!

No matter whether youíre looking for jewellery for a nostril or septum piercing, our nose piercings will serve you well. Weíve got rings and circular barbells for both types of piercing, and all are made from very high quality materials which will ensure that your safety is not compromised in any way.

If youíre looking for nostril jewellery, take a look at our nostril section, but if youíre searching for something to wear in your septum, youíll be best served by taking a look at our septum jewellery and accessories, because there is sure to be something there to suit you.