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Surface Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana 4mm Flame Skull Logo Dermal Top (Black)
Blue Banana 4mm Flame Skull Logo Dermal Top (Black)

The principle of surface piercing is becoming more and more popular, although in piercing terms it is still a relatively new technique. The options for placement of this piercing range from the face to the torso and various other areas of the body, which are only limited by a personís anatomy and the bodyís willingness to accept a foreign object in that area.

The Popularity Of Surface Piercing Is Growing

While these piercings are not as popular as the traditional ear, nose or lip piercings, a surface piercing is definitely a body modification which is growing in popularity and seeing more and more people taking a new approach to piercings and going more extreme than they may have been likely to do in the past.

With any surface piercing, safety is of course at the top of the list, and you need the best quality body jewellery in order to reduce the risk that your piercing will be rejected by your body. Depending on the area that you choose to have pierced, you will need to be very careful that you do not cause additional stress to the area, as there is a high chance of rejection of any surface piercing.

Types Of Jewellery For A Surface Piercing

The best jewellery for use in a surface piercing is most commonly a barbell, and preferably a specifically designed surface bar which will have the least chance of rejection by your body. As surface piercings can be difficult to heal, you may find that body jewellery is pushed to the surface if the body is rejecting it as a foreign object. To avoid this, talk to a good piercer who will be able to place the jewellery properly, reducing the chances of rejection.

Take a look at our surface barbells for our mostt popular jewellery designs and colours for the surface piercing form.