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Snake Bites Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Fuchsia)
Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Fuchsia)
The snake bites piercing is slowly but surely rising in popularity, its unique look is bound to set you apart from the boring and generic styles of today. Consisting of two piercings on either side of the lower lip, it is one of the most stylish in the industry.

With labrets, BCRs and segment rings suitable for this piercing, you can personalise your new piercing how you see fit. Make sure you hurry and get your snake bites piercing ASAP so you can take credit for its rise in popularity.

Snake Bites Piercing: Donít Worry It Doesnít Contain Venom

More people are starting to go for the snake bites piercing because of the unique style that it brings to their look. With labrets, circular barbells and BCRs suitable for this type of piercing, you get to enjoy choosing which one looks best instead of having to go for the only one suitable. Personalising your piercing with snake bites accessories will give you the chance to separate you from other people with the same piercing. Most people often go for studs or barbells on either side because many people believe that it is the more comfortable option.

With a healing time of over 6 weeks, make sure you choose the right jewellery for the job because you donít want to be stuck with ones you donít like while it heals. Make sure during and after the healing process that you regularly wash your mouth so that you can ensure your new piercing stays sanitary.

Snake Bites Piercing: Go On You Know You Want To

In our snake bites piercing collection, you will find an array of piercing accessories in different colours, sizes and materials to suits your needs. So if you plan on getting this piercing we advise you to come here for your preparation needs, you wonít regret it.