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Medusa Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Siam)
Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Siam)

One of the most expressive and a rarer type of labret piercing, the medusa piercing is one which is placed in the centre of the natural divot between your mouth and nose, which is technically known as the infranasal depression. Sometimes known as the philtrum piercing, it is often worn in conjunction with other lip piercings.

Depending on your anatomy and your preference, you might be able to move a medusa piercing closer to your lip, nearer to your nose, or exactly in the middle of the two. If you havenít already had your philtrum piercing completed then you might like to know that it feels like youíve just had a good whack on the nose, and your eyes will probably water too!

A Medusa Piercing Is A Great Labret Style

There are different types of jewellery that you can wear in a medusa piercing, however the most popular is a labret stud, which is also the safest and most comfortable option. While some people do wear a ring after healing, it may not be a comfortable option for everybody, especially if your anatomy doesnít suit it.

Tonnes Of Medusa Piercing Studs And Accessories

Here at Blue Banana we are positively brimming with brilliant medusa piercing jewellery for your new lip accessory, so why not take a look at our medusa studs and accessories, which are not only brilliantly stylish but of the highest quality to ensure that you wonít need to worry about your jewellery falling apart or fading in the first week.

If you choose to retire your medusa piercing, you may be left with a visible mark, just as all labret piercings tend to leave unless they are in the lower central area. As a result, this piercing is one you should always think careful about before committing to.