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Monroe Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Siam)
Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Siam)

With a number of different types of lip area piercings, itís hard to know what looks good and what doesnít, but the Monroe piercing is one which has stood out in the minds of people all over the world when they think of stylish piercings.

The name originated from the beauty spot that Marilyn Monroe had above her lip, and people have been trying to copy this look for years using piercing as the method of doing so. Getting down to pure definitions, a Monroe piercing is technically a lip piercing which is placed on the left hand side above the lip, while a Madonna is placed on the right hand side.

One Jewellery Type For A Monroe Piercing

The most common pieces of jewellery worn in a Monroe piercing are labret studs, which have the ability to transform your look with many different colours and styles, and youíre probably going to be able to find something that will suit your alternative look. These studs will make you look great but wonít compromise on comfort, because we know that the best piercings are the ones that you can hardly feel at all.

Many people choose the Monroe not only because of the great look it brings, but also because it feels faster than many other piercings, many finding it takes less than a month to heal.

Quick Healing And Great Style From A Monroe Piercing

Weíre happy to be able to provide you with some great body jewellery for a Monroe piercing here at Blue Banana.

Weíve also got some accessories for whatever stud you choose, meaning you donít have to keep the same look every day either.