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Ear Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Stretcher Kit (2mm, 3mm & 4mm) (Purple)
Blue Banana Stretcher Kit (2mm, 3mm & 4mm) (Purple)

If there has ever been a most popular of piercing, ear piercings would be the number one without a shadow of a doubt. The most seen piercing amongst men and women is of course the traditional ear lobe piercing, which has become such a mainstream part of our culture, but there are several other different variations of ear piercing which you may not have heard about until now.

What Type Of Ear Piercings Are There?

From A to Z (well, almost) there are a huge number of ear piercings that you could choose from if you were thinking of getting a new piercings. If you’re already an avid piercer, you might want to find something different to try that you hadn’t even knew existed, and either way we’re here to help at UK piercing specialists Blue Banana.

If you want something a little bit different from a traditional lobe piercing, what about trying one of the other varieties of ear piercings such as an auricle piercing, which is the piercing of the cartilage to the side of your ear to create a great looking body modification. If that doesn’t sound like the one for you, have a look at the conch piercing, which performed in the middle area of the ear between your ear canal and the curved section of cartilage.

How Will You Know Which Ear Piercings To Choose?

There is no easy way to pick the right type of ear piercings for you, but in order to have the best possible chance you need to research each piercing thoroughly, including the different types of jewellery which are available for the different types. This will allow you to build up a picture of the type of ear piercing you might want before you head to your piercing studio.