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Ear Stretching Jewellery

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Blue Banana Rose Quartz Flared Plug (Pink)

What have Tutankhamen, Blink-182'sTom DeLonge and Davey Havok from AFI got in common? Nope, Egypt's boy kind wasn't in a pop-punk band. Aside from a penchant for eyeliner, they all have stretched ear lobes! Though this form of piercing modification has only hit the mainstream in recent years, ear stretching jewellery has been worn by indigenous people the world over for centuries as a method of showing status, religious beliefs or tribal affiliation.

Stretching a piercing involves slowly increasing the size of the jewellery worn in a piercing, in order to enlarge the 'hole' to accommodate larger jewellery. The ear lobes are typically the most popular location for stretching, though the nose, lip and cheeks are also commonly stretched.

As the stretched lobe piercing continues to grow in popularity, the demand for unique and versatile jewellery has surged exponentially. With this level of demand in mind, we at Blue Banana have carefully created a collection of awesome ear stretching jewellery in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to give you maximum versatility and choice!

With jewellery available in sizes ranging from a petite 1.2mm to a large and in charge 50mm, there's a little something for everyone in our range of ear stretching jewellery, regardless of where you are in your stretching journey!

Check out our awesome selection of jewellery for stretched ears!

- Ear Tunnels
- Flesh Plugs
- Stretching Kits
- Stretching Tapers
- Stretching Spirals 
- Expanders  
- Fake Ear Stretchers


Want to know more about stretching your ears? Visit our guide to safely stretching your piercing for all the information you could possibly need!