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Scaffold Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)
Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)

All piercings may seem alike; however the scaffold piercing is one which takes a piercer with a high level of skill to complete correctly. Once completed, a single barbell is able to connect two piercings of ear cartilage together to great effect. Variations include two upper ear piercings joined together, although people also connect the tragus and conch, and the only limits on where this piercing can be successful are defined by your own anatomy.

Our collection of scaffold piercing jewellery is comprised mainly of a massive selection of barbells. With these bars come a great range of accessories which are sure to give your piercing the lift that youíve been looked for.

The Great Scaffold Piercing Collection At Blue Banana

If youíre one of the lucky people who have the right amount of tissue where you need it to pull off a scaffold piercing, then you need to check out our wonderful range of scaffold jewellery here at Blue Banana. Before getting a scaffold piercing, you need to be aware of your own body and how well placed it is going to be to handle this type of piercing.

If you and your piercer feel like you can handle a scaffold, go for it! If you happen to experience any type of swelling during your healing process, you can replace a single long bar with two shorter ones, although this may result in the two piercings healing at different angles.

Bending Bars For A Scaffold Piercing

Be particularly careful if you are going to ask someone to bend a straight barbell to fit your piercings. Even if a slight amount of scratching is created on the metal, it can play havoc with your body and the healing process. You also need to make sure that any customised bar is fully sterilised again before inserting it in to your piercing.