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Pinna Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Polished Titanium 2.4mm BCR (Silver)
A pinna piercing, otherwise known as a helix piercing, is found at the top on the rim of the ear. Considered one of the most popular piercings, the pinna provides a great look and if cared for properly you wonít come across many problems. The important thing to remember is that it is done on the cartilage of the ear and will take anything between 6 and 12 months to completely heal.

That doesnít mean you canít change your jewellery before that time though. With a selection of ball closure rings and barbells on show, you can pick the one best suited to your pinna piercing or personality. These types of pinna jewellery come in circular, straight or curved shapes so you donít always have to choose a similar bar or ring.

Changing Your Current Pinna Piercing Jewellery? Get A Colourful Alternative

The pinna piercing jewellery can be changed after 6 weeks of it being pierced, as long as it has recovered well and your piercer tells you itís ok to change. If youíve been given the green light then itís time to start shopping for more ear piercing jewellery.

Due to the position of the pinna, your choice of jewellery will consist of BCRís and barbells which is still more than enough to sink your teeth into, because as well as coming in a range of shapes and colours, they also come with a selection of low price tags.

Make Sure You Get The Right Jewellery For Your Pinna Piercing

Our pinna piercing jewellery is also available in a collection of titanium, gold and surgical steel. This is to make sure that even you have a number of options present and so you can chose one youíre comfortable with. On top of this, pinna jewellery can be easily transformed with simple accessories and add ons.

Just grab your BCR or barbell and get customising with a few funky add ons.