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Orbital Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Barbell
Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Barbell

A great and very unique piercing, the orbital piercing trend has really taken off recently, amongst hardcore piercers and new recruits alike. This piercing is where two holes are made and hold one item of jewellery, usually on the top area of the ear cartilage, although there is a potential for it to be pierced lower down the ear. 

You may be considering getting an orbital piercing on your navel or even your neck, and if you are youíll find that ball closure rings are still the most popular type of jewellery for these piercings too, although there are cases where curved barbells do work well too. Take a look at our extensive collection below; we're sure you'll love what's in it!

Things To Remember Before Getting An Orbital Piercing

Before you dive in and  get an orbital piercing, itís important to remember that for the healing process to be as quick as possible, itís advisable to wear separate jewellery in each piercing until they have healed, where you can then change to your single ball closure ring.

Healing times do vary depending on where you have actually had your piercings completed, but remember that if it is cartilage then it is going to take longer to heal than if it is simply tissue, so you need to be very cautious during the first few months.

Get The Right Size Jewellery For Your Orbital Piercing

By now you realise that the ultimate aim of an orbital piercing is to get one ring through two separate piercings, so quite clearly you need to make sure that you have the correct ring size for the position of your holes. If the jewellery turns out to be too big or too small, youíre going to have a huge amount of pressure on your piercing which may result in rejection.

Thankfully, we have a range of ring sizes for your orbital piercing, so no matter what style youíre looking for, you should be able to match your size requirements quite comfortably here at Blue Banana.