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Industrial Piercing Jewellery

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The industrial piercing is one that looks effective regardless of how itís positioned in the ear, and jewellery will only add to the awesome look. Your industrial, or scaffold, piercing can be placed from top to bottom of the ear or vertically depending on personal choice.

These piercings are generally pierced with a barbell but BCRís can be used instead for the two holes, instead of one bar through the holes. Although ball closure rings are considered better for healing, barbells are more accurate for the industrial. Our industrial piercing jewellery comes in a collection of different sized and coloured barbells. Each has been made from titanium, surgical steel or plasma gold so you donít have to worry about quality.

Great Industrial Piercing Bars At Low Prices

With the industrial piercing itís important to remember how long it is to ensure you get the right size jewellery. Barbells are available in a number of sizes to fit a range of different piercings, which makes them versatile and important for use on the industrial.

The size of your barbell also depends on the size of your ear, so you donít want to get one too big or small as this will cause irritation to your piercing. Not only do we stock a large selection of low priced barbells, they are also modifiable with accessories so you can instantly change the look of your piercing.

How To Choose The Right Industrial Piercing Jewellery

Choosing industrial piercing jewellery from a range like ours can be a daunting task, but itís all about personality and character. You could even keep your current barbell and just change the ends to provide a whole new look. You could even keep your current barbell and just change the ends to provide a whole new look.

With add ons from glitter to jewel balls, novelty dice to rubber ticklers, jewellery for industrial piercings never looked so good. Make sure if youíve got this scaffold piercing you get jewellery to suit you.