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Daith Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Surgical Steel 1.2mm Daith Heart Ring (Black)
Blue Banana Surgical Steel 1.2mm Daith Heart Ring (Black)
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Just had a daith piercing done and need jewellery to complete the look? If so then youíre one brave soul as this piercing can be painful, depending on your pain threshold. It is done by piercing the deepest part of cartilage fold above the ear canal.

Although the cartilage area is known to take longer to heal, thereís nothing wrong with getting ahead and buying in the jewellery ready.

Finding The Right Jewellery For Your Daith Piercing

Once your daith piercing has healed it is then safe to remove the existing jewellery and replace it with a new one of your choice. For this type of piercing a BCR is the usual choice although barbells are also common. These two styles of jewellery offer a different look, and when it comes down to you choosing one itís important you have an image already in mind.

With the daith piercing itís important to know whether a BCR or barbell is going to be more comfortable. Thatís all down to individuality and so itís up to you to decide which type youíre going to go for. Barbells come in a straight or curved shape whereas BCRs and seamless rings are both circular. A ring or BCR would be more comfortable given the position of the piercing but when it comes down to jewellery itís about personal choice.

Choose A BCR Or Barbell For Your Daith Piercing

If itís time for your daith piercing jewellery to be changed then you can enjoy what our extensive range has to offer. Weíve round up a selection of BCRs and barbells all in a range of colours and styles to give you ultimate choice. With titanium and surgical steel jewellery available in different colours and styles, your daith piercing wonít stay bland for long.