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Types of Piercing

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Blue Banana Swarovski Elements May Birthstone Silver Earrings (Yellow)
Blue Banana Swarovski Elements May Birthstone Silver Earrings (Yellow)
The more you consider which types of piercing suit you, the more you’ll be starting to look at the different types of jewellery which are available on the market today. Here at Blue Banana we believe in offering only the best jewellery in both quality and style terms, making sure that you’ve got something to show off that you can be proud of.

So Many Different Types Of Piercing, So Little Time!

You might be the sort of person that would love to try out all the different types of piercing before you made your decision, but unfortunately that’s not possible. That’s why we’ve put together different sections dedicated to the many piercings that you could get, so that you can analyse the jewellery and make the best decision for you.

No Matter What Types Of Piercing You Fancy, We’ve Got You Covered

Take a few moments to read through our different piercings and then have a good look at the jewellery on offer for each. Don’t forget, we’re UK piercing specialists and probably have a store near you which can perform piercings, so why not check us out offline too?