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If you’ve heard of the band KISS then you’ll probably also know they are famous for their black and white face paint and crazy stage fashion – but what you might not know is that they’ve got an awesome range of KISS merchandise available for all their loving fans. What’s more, you can now get your hands on it right here at Blue Banana.

The band formed back in 1973 and their mad live gigs soon shot them to fame; they often used fire breathing and a tonne of pyrotechnic fireworks to give them the edge over other live bands. KISS merchandise really began to take off in the mid 70s, although there wasn’t such a large range available back then compared to what there is now.

KISS Merchandise From One Of The Biggest Hard Rock Bands

Undoubtedly one of the biggest hard rock bands in the history, KISS merchandise has been inspired by some of the best rockers in the world. The band have been awarded over 25 separate gold album awards, which is the highest number given to any rock band based out of America. With more than 40 million albums sold in the US alone, they are undoubtedly one of the biggest forces in heavy rock history.

You’re not alone in wanting to get your hands on some KISS merchandise; with over 100 million albums sold worldwide, that just tells you how many fans of the band there are out there – and take it from us when we say there are millions of them looking for some great KISS t shirts and other accessories.

Quality KISS Merchandise From A Band T Shirt Authority

Thanks to our promise to our customers only to supply the best quality products, this KISS merchandise will last for ages even if you’re out rocking until the early hours every night, living the KISS lifestyle. Make sure you don’t hesitate – get your favourite rock t shirt style in your basket right now to avoid disappointment later!