The Big Bang Theory Laptop Mug (Multi-Coloured)
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Amongst our range of funny, funky and fashionable gifts and accessories here at Blue Banana are these novelty mugs, which have the coolest and trendiest designs to get you laughing, help you make a statement, or simply show off your favourite band at home or in the office. Let’s face it; making tea or coffee can be dull, so why not liven up the experience by crafting your drink in an entertaining looking cup?

No matter what type or style of novelty mugs you’re searching for, we’ve got you covered. With brands including Anne Stokes and Bunny Suicides sitting alongside our brilliant Blue Banana range of funny, cool designed mugs you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. From the more alternative and gothic mugs to the funny slogan designs, there’s something for everyone!

Great Quality Novelty Mugs Which Make Awesome Gifts

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to buy a present for someone but simply haven’t got a clue what to get them? Perhaps you’re having that problem right now? Well, if so, look no further than novelty mugs, which make brilliant and very affordable gifts for anyone in your life. Whether you need a gift for a band merchandise lover, or simply want a funny slogan on the side of a mug for a friendly joker in your life, we’ll tick all your boxes with our range here at Blue Banana.

Some of our band mugs are inspired by the greatest rock and roll names of all time, including The Beatles, Guns N Roses and The Rolling Stones. Whether novelty mugs featuring your favourite bands are your thing or not, you’re sure to agree that the designs are awesome and not to be missed. Take a look around our selection of cool tea and coffee cups before you decide on your favourite style.

Cheap And Stylish Novelty Mugs For Home Or The Office

There’s nothing worse than drinking tea or coffee from a boring mug, so make sure you get your hands on these novelty mugs to give your hot drinks a bit of extra added excitement with designs including:
  • WTF?
  • STFU!
  • OMG!
  • LMFAO!
At Blue Banana we’ve been specialising in novelty accessories like these cups since we first appeared on the high street in 1997, so you can be assured that we only pick the coolest and trendiest designs to feature in our novelty mugs range.