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Halloween Accessories

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Day Of The Dead Make Up Kit (Multi Coloured)
Day Of The Dead Make Up Kit (Multi Coloured)
£5.99was £6.99
If you really want to look freakin’ freaky for the spookiest night of the year then take a good look at Blue Banana’s fantastic range of spooky Halloween accessories!

We have a wide variety of Halloween accessories that includes costume parts, wigs, masks, jewellery and even contact lenses that allow you to add an extra dimension of creepiness to your fancy dress and party outfits this Halloween!

Enhance The Freaky Factor Of Your Outfits With Creepy Halloween Accessories

Looking proper scary to freak out your mates and little kids trick or treating at your door couldn’t be easier with our fantastic range of Halloween accessories. We have a great variety of essential extras that can really enhance the spooky factor of your costume, taking it from a little bit creepy to super freaky!

Blue Banana’s range of Halloween accessories includes everything a dedicated fan of the freakiest night of the calendar year needs to make their costume stand out and scare the pants off people. You’ll find costume parts, wigs, contact lenses, masks, make up, jewellery and even fun novelty inflatable toys. 

Those looking to add that little extra to their Halloween getup should most definitely take a good look at the huge variety of fancy dress accessories we’ve got in stock. Vampire fangs, fake blood, scary masks, brutal weapons and colourful and eye catching wigs are all up for grabs. You can also bring more authenticity to your look with creepy coloured
contact lenses!

Stand Out From The Other Scary Monsters With Our Halloween Accessories

  • A Wide Variety Of Halloween/Horror Themed Accessories
  • Costume Parts, Wigs, Masks, Makeup, Contact Lenses & More
  • Ideal For Enhancing & Customising Halloween Outfits
Our collection of Halloween accessories doesn’t just include costume parts, however. You’ll also find plenty of freaky and horror inspired jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings that not only bring the spirit of Hallows Eve to a costume but to any outfit.

Getting freakin’ freaky this Halloween is no longer a daunting prospect with Blue Banana’s selection of horrific accessories. With wigs, masks, makeup and costume parts galore, you’ll definitely be the creepiest of creatures at the monster ball!