Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow II (White)
Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow II (White)
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Our family of Vamplets are ready for human adoption, if you think you’re brave enough for the challenge! Adorable plush toys with a monster edge, you can choose between our Monster Babies at the Nightmare Nursery of Gloomvania or our new collection of Vampets! Both collections are cuddly, cute and excellent for wreaking havoc on your enemies, so much better than bear cuddly toys! Only available in a few select retailers in the UK, Vamplets have found their home at Blue Banana, now they’re just looking for some daring owners who are ready for a monster plush toy!

Just In Time For Halloween, Get Vampets for Adordable Horror Plushies!

All of our Vamplets have a cuddly design, complete with horrific details and an awesome horror inspired look that is sure to make your bedroom stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for a cute mascot or a companion for taking over the world, these cuddly toys are great for cuddling and plotting! Choose between our Vampire Babies or our Vampets for a range of style inspired by some of the best classic horror characters around! All available for adoption, you can get yourself a Abominable Snow Baby, a Zombie Baby or even a pet Vampyre Bat for your personal space. We’re sure you won’t have seen anything like Vamplets anywhere else, so make sure you pick one up before they’re all gone!

Monster Cuddly Toys, Get Your Own Vamplets And Vampets Today!

These Vamplets plushies are the sweetest and most evil looking cuddly toys we’ve ever seen, perfect for those of you that have a twisted soul but also long for something to hug. With a new Vampets or Vamplets by your side, you’ll have a minion to call your own, though it should be noted that management bears no responsibility for any havoc these monsters create once they’ve been adopted into the human realm. With fur, scars and eyeballs, get a cuddly toy that no one will have seen before with Vamplets.