Maasai Treads Flip Flops (Navy/Pink)
Maasai Treads Flip Flops (Navy/Pink)
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With summer always just around the corner, these Maasai treads are excellent beach flip flops and summer wear which will suit any alternative style right down to the ground. Whether you’re taking a stroll down to the beach or you need some new flip flops for your holiday, we’ve got you covered.

We’re proud to be able to stock these brilliant Maasai treads, since they are some of the most environmentally-sustainable flip flops we’ve been able to find; the materials used to make these products include car tyres which were rejected for use on vehicles and their inner tubes too.

Environmentally Friendly Maasai Treads

While these materials need to be absolutely perfect to be passed as suitable for car tyres, that doesn’t have to be the case for Maasai treads, who are able to change this rejected material into perfectly formed flip flops and sandals, ideal for any summers day. These flip flops are fashionable, functional and totally gorgeous too!

Each pair of these brilliant Maasai treads flip flops has been hand made using unique and individual techniques. Both the greatest care and a lot of love go in to every pair, and that’s the secret ingredient that’s made these sandals so brilliant.

Almost Anything Goes With Maasai Treads

The creators of these brilliant Maasai treads also use pre-owned leather, denim and tonnes of other materials to make great looking footwear, so you’ll find that every pair of flip flops you get your hands on are totally different to the last – that’s what makes these treads so awesome in our eyes! We’re sure you’ll just love them too.

All of the funky colours you see crafted into these Maasai treads are sourced from Mitumba markets in Kenya, where there are a massive range of colours and materials on sale which this brilliant footwear brand love to take advantage of.