Ikon Confederate Flag Plug (Red)
There really is no better place to come for ear stretching jewellery than Blue Banana, and our range of Ikon plugs proves just that! With some of the most diverse and cool looking ear stretcher plug designs, you’d be crazy to go anywhere else for your body piercing jewellery needs, especially if you are considering stretching your piercing.

No matter what type of style you’re going for, one of these Ikon plugs is sure to match it perfectly. With designs from chess boards to lizard eyes, there is no way that you’ll be disappointed after you have checked out this unique collection of stretching plugs that we’re proud to have sourced for you.

Stretched Piercing? Look No Further Than Some Ikon Plugs

If you’ve already stretched your ear piercing and you’re looking for some of the coolest designs and styles to fill your hole, you needn’t look any further than these Ikon plugs. Featuring some of the most brilliant jewellery designs we’ve ever seen here at Blue Banana, you’ll find it difficult to locate any plugs, tunnels or tubes that remotely come close to giving the fashion impact that these Ikon designs can give you.

More and more people are finding out how cool a stretched ear piercing can look, and with Ikon plugs you’ll be able to take your stretching fashion to an even higher level. No matter what design you’re thinking of getting, all of these plugs are high quality and made from material which is safe to use in any ear piercing. We’re proud to only provide the safest and great quality piercing jewellery to our customers, and these stretcher plugs are no exception.

Grab Your Ikon Plugs Design Before They’re All Gone!

The only danger you’ll find with these quality Ikon plugs is that many people probably have their eye on the same style that you fancy, which means you’ll need to be quick to add them to your basket before someone else snaps them up. Take no chances – browse our huge range today and pick up your favourite design as soon as you see it.