Bleeding Heart Leopard Hi Tops (Pink)
We created the Bleeding Heart range so that we could release some of our design ideas in a design we hoped you’d love, so feel free to browse through our Bleeding Heart clothing range today. With everything from skinny jeans to colourful hoodies in our range, you can pick up a complete outfit at an affordable price, making your search for new designs much easier. All of the designs manage to successfully capture the themes of the alternative industry with complete ease. So if you want to adopt the alternative styling, then give Bleeding Heart a try and enjoy what clothes they have to offer!

Cool Alternative Clothing From Bleeding Heart

Alongside the awesome skinny jeans in our collection, Bleeding Heart offers stylish women’s footwear that is designed to bring alternative designs to the smart wear occasions. As one of Blue Banana’s home-grown brands, we are proud of the designs that we have created as we think they successfully match the styling of the alternative industry. The Bleeding Heart clothing in our collection is inspired by the unique and colourful styling that the modern day emo fashion scene is offering. So feel free to indulge in some awesome Bleeding Heart designs.

Awesome Bleeding Heart Designs For The Fashion Hungry

Make sure your fashion needs are catered for with the designs in our Bleeding Heart range. With designs suitable for all times of year, you can enjoy Summer Bleeding Heart clothing like hot pants as well as skinny jeans that will sort you out for the year. With a range of colours making up our collection, you are bound to find an item of clothing in your favourite colour, so what are you waiting for? All Bleeding Heart designs in our collection have been designed to the highest quality possible, helping you to enjoy top class designs at an affordable price.