Paramore Big Stage T Shirt (Black)
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If you love one of the best bands on the alternative scene fronted by one of the coolest ladies in rock and roll, Hayley Williams, then you most definitely don’t want to pass up on our range of 100% official Paramore merch!

We here at Blue Banana have been long-time fans of this incredible group, so we’ve gathered quite a varied collection of Paramore merch that should more than please any devotee, including clothing such as t shirts, vests and even gifts like posters and more!

Don't Cause a Riot, Grab Some Paramore Merch!

Since 2005 Paramore have been ever present in the world of alternative rock, having exploded into popularity in 2007 with their sophomore album "Riot!”, which followed the band’s mainstream breakthrough at the height of the emo scene’s popularity. In the wake of hit songs like "Misery Business”, teenagers in their millions ran out to get their Paramore merch to celebrate this hot new band!

Paramore continued to grow as a band after the success of "Riot!” and made an equally big impression with 2009’s "Brand New Eyes”. In 2013 the group released the self-titled and critically acclaimed Paramore album, which featured a much more mature sound than their previous emo inspired roots.

The driving force behind the popularity of Paramore has always been the gorgeous Hayley Williams, a charismatic singer that’s become an inspiration to many for her style, personality and, of course, music. The reason why thousands of teenagers dress themselves from head to toe in Paramore merch is because of her undeniable influence.

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Here at Blue Banana we stock a wide range of official Paramore merchandise that includes clothing, accessories and gifts that should more than please any fan – both female and male! This includes t shirts, vests, hoodie and even posters and other collectibles such as badges. Proving your loyalty to this awesome group isn’t difficult with our Paramore merch!

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