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Slipknot Paul Gray T Shirt (Black)
£11.99was £15.99
If you crave Slipknot merch because you’re a massive fan of the heavy metal legends then you’ll want to take a glance at this awesome range of merchandise! Featuring designs from their latest albums there's an awesome selection of Slipknot clothing and accessories guys and girls alike.

There’s something for everyone amongst our range of Slipknot merch. Ideal for your own personal style or whether you’re looking for a gift to get a massive Slipknot fan, we have almost anything a dedicated maggot could ever need all in one place. This should be your one stop shop for Slipknot merchandise!

Go Psychosocial Over Some Awesome Slipknot Merch!

Grab some Slipknot merch and everyone will know right away what kind of music you love. What totally rocks about merchandise from this band is that it’s always easily recognisable. Whether it’s because of their distinctive S shaped band logo or the unique masks that the band members wear, Slipknot clothing and accessories always stand out and feature bold, graphic designs that grab an onlooker's attention!

One of the most iconic modern heavy metal bands around, Slipknot have developed their musical style over a decade of albums and the personas they have created with creepy looking masks has made them infamous. Fans love their dark image and by wearing Slipknot merch, they’re becoming a part of that iconic look. Imitated but never duplicated, Slipknot merchandise is just as diverse as the band members themselves.

Love Your Slipknot Merch As Much As The Band Themselves!

- 100% Official Slipknot Merch
- Clothing, Accessories & Gifts For Hardcore Maggots
- Great For Gigs, Casual Wear & Highly Collectible

Slipknot has endured much over the years to set themselves apart as a heavy metal band. As music tastes have changed, they have evolved and created amazing music that taps into the raw emotion of their fans and even themselves as they mourn the loss of key member Paul Gray.

Our range of Slipknot merch is some of the best you’ll find online, featuring t shirts, hoodies, accessories and albums that will keep you well stocked for years. We even have the latest releases from the band since the tragic death of Paul Gray, proving that this band will continue onward no matter what. With an excellent selection that we’re immensely proud of, check out our Slipknot merch today!