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My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance Parade Clock Vest (Black)
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My Chemical Romance, A History

My Chemical Romance defined a music scene, their iconic 2nd album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was a gateway to alternative music for  thousands of young people in the early 2000’s and laid the groundwork for the emo-pop explosion.

The album’s first single I’m Not Okay (I Promise) was a surging self help pop song  that gained the band a huge amount of fans. Their newfound popularity however made the band subject to controversy in the media around the time of their 3rd studio album, The Black Parade.

Notably the Daily Mail labelled the band, and emo itself a death cult. A dangerous sentiment to be thrown about in relation to any band. Luckily, My Chemical Romance fans saw immediately that the accusations were foundless, based on no facts and the band.

Theatre and storytelling have always been a huge part of My Chemical Romance’s shtick. With The Black Parade the band reinvented their look, dressing like a marching band with Gerard Way as the band leader. 
The Black Parade was a rock opera centering on story of a character know as the patient, the album details his apparent death, experiences in the afterlife and reflections on his life.

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Following the success of The Black Parade the band set out to tell another story entirely, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. This huge alt rock album tells a tale set in a fictional post-apocalyptic California in the year 2019 in which a few people dubbed ‘Killjoys’ are in a bitter conflict with a nefarious corporation names Better Living Industries.

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