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Lou Reed

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Lou Reed Transformer T Shirt (Black)
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Whether you’re a fan of Velvet Underground or simply of Lou Reed’s solo career, this Lou Reed merchandise will suit you perfectly. With great designs like our Lou Reed transformer t shirt, you’d be crazy not to take a good look around our brilliant collection here at Blue Banana.

If you’re not familiar with Lou Reed or the Velvet Underground but are looking for Lou Reed merchandise as a gift for someone who is, then you’ve come to the right place. Lou Reed is an American rock musician and songwriter who, before his solo career took off, was best known as the lead singer, guitarist and writer for The Velvet Underground.

Failure And Then Success: Lou Reed Merchandise

During the 60s when The Velvet Underground was active, they were seen as a failing band, at least in the commercial sense. Since then however, the group has risen in popularity dramatically since they broke up, and is often listed amongst the biggest bands of the era. Lou Reed merchandise didn’t really hit the shelves until his solo career began in 1971, after leaving the band, however it’s now an extremely popular form of music merchandise.

The ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ singer released his first solo album, titled ‘Lou Reed’ in 1972, although it wasn’t until the release of ‘Transformer’ that Lou Reed merchandise became as popular as it is today, selling vast quantities of t shirts, hoodies and other accessories. The delayed love of his previous band has also contributed to the success of his own solo merch.

Get Some Transformer Lou Reed Merchandise Today

All of our Lou Reed merchandise is sold at the highest quality and we think you’ll fall in love with it just like we have. Offering excellent value for money, this merch won’t fall apart no matter how many songs you’re planning on writing or performing in it, so make sure you add one of these unique styles to your basket today to avoid disappointment.