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Blink 182

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Blink 182 3 Bars T Shirt (Black)
Looking for Blink 182 merch? Well youíve come to the right place. Check out our great range of official Blink 182 t shirts, sweatshirts and vests in our awesome collection. 

Blink 182 are one of the most important bands in pop punk. A gateway band for countless punks and hardcore kids. Blink 182ís mix of rebellion, dick jokes, hooks and heart have won over audiences worldwide, which is why their Blink 182 merch is still hugely popular!

Show Your Pop Punk Pedigree With Some Rad Blink 182 Merch

Blink 182 were formed way back in 1992 by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor and gained notoriety on the So-Cal punk scene for their irreverent humour and energetic live performances. Travis Barker replaced Raynor in 1998 and Blink 182 continued to make waves, enjoying massive airplay until 2005, when they went on hiatus. This indefinite hiatus at the height of their popularity lasted 4 years, and the trio reunited in 2009 releasing their sixth studio album; Neighborhoods.

Blink 182 have sold over 35 million albums worldwide, and are perhaps the most influential punk band of the 1990ís. We stock a great range of Blink 182 merch at Blue Banana, including t shirts, vests and sweatshirts so pick up a tee and head down to a show, you won't regret it. 

Essential Listening

If you've never heard Blink 182 before (have you been living under a rock?) then here are some essential tracks you need to hear before you even contemplate getting your hands on some of our official Blink merchandise:

  • First Date
  • All The Small Things
  • Josie (Everythingís Gonna Be Fine)
  • Whatís My Age Again?
  • Dammit
  • Always
  • Stay Together For The Kids
  • The Rock Show
  • Adamís Song
  • I Miss You
With music downloads and streaming services picking up, merchandise is one of the best ways to support bands you love. Grab some stylish official Blink 182 merch today!