Black Veil Brides Logo Wallet (Black)
Why settle for ordinary when you could get your hands on one of these alternative wallets to store all your pennies and cash? Because we wanted to give you a broad choice so that you find the purse of your dreams, youíll more than likely feel burdened with choice, but we encourage you to try your best anyway.

If youíre looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one, then one of these alternative wallets featuring a design of a band or game that they love is definitely the way to go. Thereís no better way to show someone you care then being able to pin down their interests and getting them a gift that theyíll particularly love. Itís a well-documented fact that friendship is born out of receiving gifts and feeling obligated to stick with the other person, so abuse this with this awesome gift idea!

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As a good portion of these alternative wallets are officially branded, you wonít have to worry about yours not arriving in perfect condition as each one has been made from quality made materials and an attention to detail that makes them the best around.

When it comes to stocking the best band merchandise, your collection is hardly complete without some officially made alternative wallets! It can be a great thing to own items from your favourite band, and these coin holders and no exception to this rule. From classic rock bands like KISS to the heavier Slipknot, we have just what you need to complete your collection.

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Of course being Blue Banana, itíd be awkward if we didnít have some alternative wallets in an emo style. Whether you love the classic skull looks or wanted something with a little more attitude, we have just what you need to suit your own personal style. We even have lots of chained designs that are perfect for those who like to pin them to their jeans or other chains
Despite people wanting to believe otherwise, itís very likely that money buys happiness, which is why you want to keep it in a secure place that can stay close to you at all times. This is where our alternative wallets come in, as each one is not only made for long-term use, but also has awesome designs that youíll immediately notice if they werenít around.