Angry Birds Wallet (Red)
Angry Birds Wallet (Red)
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The Angry Birds merchandise around today successfully captures the humour and complexity of the Angry Birds games. As one of today’s most successful puzzle games, Angry Birds instantly gained mass appeal through their inventive characters and puzzles that never fail to keep the player enticed.

Since the application was released towards the end of 2009, it has managed to sell over 12 million copies from Apple’s App Store alone, which resulted in expansion into other systems, including Android. So, be sure to check out our Angry Birds merchandise today so that you can promote this brilliant game to everyone.

Angry Birds Merchandise That’ll Leave Your Friends Puzzled!

Created by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds merchandise has achieved mass appeal due to the colourful graphics and hilarious circumstances. The Angry Birds game is made up of a series of episodes each filled with a range of tricky puzzles that can leave the player stunned. The main aim of the game is to fling your birds into mischievous green pigs who have stolen their eggs; the puzzle is completed when the player destroys all of the pigs. In the player’s arsenal are a range of multi-coloured birds who each have different properties, many of these birds are featured on the Angry Birds merchandise designs.

For Merchandise That You’re Guaranteed to Love, Choose Angry Birds!

The success of the franchise has helped the Angry Birds merchandise gain considerable amounts of appeal. Since Angry Birds’ release in 2009, it has released a number of special editions that have become equally successful; one worth noting is the ‘Rio’ version. A partnership with Green Day has also been touched upon, where Green Day members will appear as pigs and their single and tracks will appear on the game. With a TV spin-off rumoured to be in the works, we expect that Angry Birds merchandise will rapidly increase in popularity, so make sure you pick up our designs before anyone else.