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Steel Star Tunnel (Silver)
Choosing a flesh tunnel from our extensive range of alternative body jewellery can be something of a challenge, considering how many styles and materials we have on offer for you! Whether you’re currently stretching your ear or want to accessorise your body modification, we have flesh tunnels and plugs that are sure to give your stretch piercing the attention it deserves.

We have bright and colourful acrylic jewellery, including UV designs, plus silicone and steel flesh plugs that really stand out from a crowd. Check out our range of ear stretching plugs and tunnels today and pick out the perfect jewellery for yourself!

Attractive and Stylish Ear Stretching Flesh Plugs and Tunnels

You can use a flesh tunnel or plug to show off an excellent ear stretching and we have a ton of designs and a range of different sizes so that you can all have a great accessory for your body modification.

As ear stretching becomes more and more popular, more stylish designs emerge such as our excellent silicone flesh tunnels, which feature different shaped holes and bold colours that can’t help but grab attention. Additionally, we also have sleek metal flesh plugs, which come in darker colours and are great for wearing when you’re stretching your ears.

Body Mod Never Looked Better!

Getting a flesh tunnel can be incredibly simple when you shop with Blue Banana. Simply choose a design you love and we have a whole host of sizes to accommodate a range of ear stretch sizes. You can get a great looking piece of jewellery for your body modification and we specialise in flesh plugs and tunnels that you won’t have seen anywhere else!

Don’t forget that acrylic piercings will need to be taken out and cleaned more often than metal due to their surface being covered in tiny pores. If you want to use our tunnels and plugs for stretching we’d advise the metal variants (not the silicone as this will leave your stretch uneven) and using a lubricated taper to insert the jewellery.

Enjoy our range of flesh tunnels and plugs and get your own now!