Innocent Flock Sleeveless Top (Brown)
With Innocent clothing being a new addition to Blue Banana, we have ensured that we only give you the best from their line. The collection we have for you is full of high quality designs that are finished with bold colours, unique styles and ultra-comfy shapes. This is where you should come if you are looking for an addition to your look that will always get you noticed. Whether you want an explosive edge or simply want to finish off that emo style then there will be something here for you. Knowing how important fashion is, the BB team have made certain that this range of wicked clothing is only full with designs you will want. From bright colours and butterflies to detailed patterns and dark themes, this collection of Innocent clothing is certainly a range you want to indulge in.

Not so Innocent Clothing

Even though they have called themselves Innocent clothing, this brand has certainly got a more daring theme behind their line. Created with the aim to impress, the clothing that has come from Innocent clothing covers a variety of different styles to ensure that customers are more than satisfied. Even though they love to create emo styles, make no mistake, this collection is full with alternative patterns and intense colours that will liven up any look. Providing you with all of the style you need, you can be certain that the Innocent clothing range is one that will get your style buds tingling.

High Quality Innocent Clothing

The best thing about our Innocent clothing range is that you can definitely trust their designs. Holding experience in fashion, this brand knows how to create clothes that have the high quality customers want. With prints, stitching and features that are all finished with their respected quality, we can undoubtedly say that the clothing they produce is worth investing in. Their durable designs offer you the chance to show off your unique tastes as often as you want and without the worry of them becoming damaged. True to the fashion scene, this collection of Innocent clothing is full of immense quality you can rely, so donít hesitate any longer, bag yourself up a new asset today!