Golden Steampunk Brass Goggles
Golden Steampunk Brass Goggles
Take your steampunk cosplay to the next level by adding an essential accessory in the form of steampunk goggles and gas masks.

Here at Blue Banana we have a fantastic array of steampunk goggles and steampunk gas masks and respirators, one of the best in the UK, all featuring authentic Victorian futurism and fantasy style.

Victorian Futurism At Its Finest - Browse Our Steampunk Goggles & Gas Masks Collection

If you’re looking for some essential steampunk accessories that truly enhance your fantasy inspired Victorian cosplay, then there’s no doubt that steampunk goggles are a must have. Great for bringing a technological touch to any outfit, goggles have become an iconic part of steampunk and even cyberpunk fashion.

An alternative choice for your steampunk cosplay might also be a steampunk gas mask or respirator. Featuring a World War 1 inspired look, with additional features such as gears, cogs and rivets, a steampunk mask is great for military, adventurer or scientific inspired outfits, and truly puts onlookers in awe of your alter ego’s presence.

You’ll find a wide variety of high quality and unique steampunk goggles, gas masks and respirators here at Blue Banana, ideal for both the casual steampunk newbie and the hardcore aficionado. You’ll find intricate designs from brands such as Golden Steampunk, Poizen Industries and even amazing handmade items from Solstice.

Enhance Your Steampunk Cosplay With Goggles, Gas Masks & Respirators

  • Quality Steampunk Goggles, Gas Masks & Respirators
  • Brands Such As Golden Steampunk, Solstice & More
  • Ideal Accessory For Steampunk Cosplay
Adding a touch of authenticity to your steampunk outfits couldn’t be easier with our amazing goggles and masks. Featuring genuine steampunk inspired style, including gears, cogs and Victorian motifs, these accessories are essential for any dedicated steampunk fan. 

Browse our amazing range of high quality steampunk goggles, gas masks and respirators from Golden Steampunk, Solstice and Poizen Industries.