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Edit Coloured Contact Lenses

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Eye Care Solution Set
Eye Care Solution Set
£5.99was £6.99
Our range of coloured contact lenses are mainly part of the Edit Contact Lenses collection which are becoming a more popular choice than ever before to transform the look of your eyes on a day to day basis, or just for fun at as part of a fancy dress costume, for example at Halloween. Featuring a huge array of designs and colours, these fashion contacts are sure to give your look a great edge.

Amazing Style From Edit Contact Lenses

With colours including red, white and black, as well as many more, and a whole host of designs, youíll find that Edit Contact Lenses are amongst the best accessories youíll find for a night out on the town thanks to their comfort, style and awesome flexibility. All you need to do is choose your favourite colour or pattern, pop in fashionable lens in and get ready to wow your friends.

Eye accessories like these wonderfully designed Edit contact lenses are brilliant at giving you a look that you didnít even think was possible. These fashion colour contacts can totally black out your eyes to give you that gothic look, or take you in totally the opposite direction by changing your normal colour in to a sparkling red or blue. The choices really are huge, so take a good look through our entire range of coloured contact lenses before you decide which one youíre going to try first.

Edit Contact Lenses Can Last A Whole Year

While the majority of our lens collection from Edit Contact Lenses will last for 90 days, there are some which can last a whole year from opening if cared for correctly, which means that whichever colour and style you choose, this fashion lenses really do offer great value for money, so you can change your style without changing your bank balance too drastically.

The great thing about Edit contact lenses is that they donít have any effect on your vision, so you donít need to worry about not being able to see on your big night while youíre looking absolutely awesome, perhaps in full fancy dress. No matter whether youíre looking for your next bright addition to your style, or if you want to make your statement with a darker and much bolder colour, youíll be happy to know that there is an Edit contact lens for you, and weíre sure youíll love them just as much as we do here at Blue Banana.