H&R Moulin Rouge Dress (Black)
H&R Moulin Rouge Dress (Black)
For H&R London, creating their immense range of alternative dresses and apparel is simple! Using a range of designs and ideas from the industry, they offer a selection of dresses that are totally accessible and cheap without losing any of their distinctive style. Featuring stylish designs such as tattoo art and more, you can get an excellent alternative dress in just a few clicks when youíre looking at our H & R range! From mini dresses, halter neck dresses and even gowns that are perfect for more formal events, H&R London is an awesome brand for wearing all year round!

If youíre looking for cheap dresses that donít back down when it comes to style and design then get browsing because you wonít be disappointed!

Want Some Gorgeous Alternative Dresses? H&R London Is For You!

We have a range from H&R London, promoting some of the most affordable alternative dresses on the market as well as the funkiest and brightest designs. From flowers to tattoos, you can get a gorgeous halter neck dress or mini dress easily through our selection on Blue Banana. Not only can you get attractive alternative dresses but you can also get a hint of vintage style with some of their polka dot and flower print designs. Perfect for a range of styles, H&R offer a booming array of dresses and designs to keep themselves on top when it comes to the alternative scene.

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A great British brand, H&R London is all you need to give your style some serious appeal. Their mini dresses and halter neck styles are perfect for wearing day-to-day, plus their longer dresses are ideal for parties and more formal events. Best of all? H&R work hard to ensure that their dresses remain cheap and affordable for everyone, so you can get a great new look without breaking the bank. You can get your own H & R London dress from us in just a few clicks and we have a great exchange and return policy just in case it doesnít fit! Want something special from your alternative dresses? Check out H&R London today.