Amplified Guns N Roses Civil War T Shirt (Charcoal)
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The Amplified clothing range appeals to a certain type of person. If you love music, you love icons and you love celebs then Amplified tees are for you. Featuring iconic designs and some of the biggest names in the music, film and television industries, they have developed a cult following from fashion conscious teens. Now the collection has come to Blue Banana, allowing all of our fans to get their own piece of Amplified clothing to make a statement when out and about.

Every single one of our Amplified t shirts is tried and tested by our dedicated team and is 100% authentic, ensuring you get only the very best.

Iconic Amplified Clothing Range

Founded in 2004, Amplified clothing has since grown to become one of the biggest streetwear manufacturers in Europe. Combining style, design and comfort in such an effective way, everyone who follows fashion has an Amplified tee in their wardrobe.

Even celebrities have been spotted in this brand’s awesome fashion wear, from David Beckham to Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss to Paris Hilton. If you want to cash in on Amplified clothing’s success, now is the time to do it.

Awesome Amplified T Shirts & Clothing Collection

From simple beginnings Amplified clothing have grown into a phenomenon, with loads of different ranges to suit all tastes. Here at Blue Banana you’ll find a selection of Amplified tees for both men and women, catering for all music lovers from right across the spectrum.

With a great range already in and more to come, feast your eyes on these great t shirts. If you want to look stylish, draw attention and make a statement then Amplified clothing is for you.