Flip Flop And Fangs Geek Jumper (Navy)
Flip Flop And Fangs Geek Jumper (Navy)
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Introducing Flip Flop and Fangs, one of the biggest and best new brands around today. Famed for their colourful, funny and funky t shirts, this collection of brand new designs is exclusive to Blue Banana. So if you want to get one of the hilarious tees from Flip Flops and Fangs before anyone else, this is the place to come. Sticking to their slogan ‘Make fashion fun, make it fair’, all of their products are bright, funny and, most importantly, fair trade and vegan friendly so that you’re helping animals and the environment too.

The guys at Flip Flops and Fangs produce a wide range of hilarious and quirky clothing such as t shirts, vests and hoodies for men and women so if you love the style, get in on the action!

Get Silly With Our Awesome Flip Flops and Fangs Range

The Flip Flop and Fangs brand was set up by Rebecca Gray and Luke McGibney because, as they say, they "love fashion, love the planet, love people and definitely love comedy!”  This certainly comes through in their funky t shirts, with great comedy lines sitting alongside excellent designs and bright colours to create something that truly stands out. And because they produce everything through fair trade routes, you can be safe in the knowledge that Flip Flop and Fangs are saving the world as well as providing quirky teen fashion.

The brand features plenty of hilarious parody designs, gently poking fun at popular movies and TV shows. Flip Flop and Fangs aren't afraid to get silly and don't take themselves or their vegan friendly clothing too seriously. The only business Flip Flop & Fangs are serious about is being kind to the earth, giving workers a fair wage and making sure no animals byproducts are used in the production process.

Grab Quirky & Hilarious T Shirts From Flip Flop and Fangs!

If you’re looking for the best comedy t shirts around, make sure you check out Flip Flop and Fangs today. These exclusive designs are fantastic and will make everyone around you chuckle – plus the bright colours will really help you stand out. While the clothes Flip Flop and Fangs produce are undoubtedly of the highest quality, encouraging people to buy into the brand, they also help out local communities, something that everyone can support. 

If this sounds like a worthwhile cause and you need some new funky t shirts for your collection, Flip Flop and Fangs will soon become your new favourite brand.