Blue Banana Flowers Trilby Hat (Blue)
When you arrive at your summer music experience with one of these festival hats youíll soon realise how necessary this simple accessory is. So, youíre going to be standing out in a field all day and all night? You might want to cover your head, which is why we have headwear for women and men that is affordable and great looking.

Whether itís to stop your scalp from burning (which can lead to sunstroke if youíre not careful) or aiming to get yourself less drenched in the rain, we have baseball caps and other festival hats that will complete your festival outfit. From top brands or cheap alternatives, you can get awesome summer hats that will really help you stand out no matter what festival youíve chosen to attend this year.

Quality Festival Hats Are An Important Accessory

We have festival hats from a range of sources, including the world famous range of New Era baseball caps that come complete with sun visor and sweat resistant design. Idea for when the weather decides to clear up in time for the festival season!

We also have stylish headwear for women and men that includes trilbies, sun hats and bandanas that can also be transformed into neck scarves at a momentís notice. With such versatility in our range of festival hats, youíll find the ideal choice to keep your head and face shaded this year!

Colourful And Cheap Festival Hats For All Occasions

Wear our festival hats to your favourite festival or gig and you may be surprised by how often youíll find yourself wearing it afterwards. Blue Banana is undoubtedly the best when it comes to affordable alternative accessories and our menís and womenís headwear is a great start when it comes to finding the perfect addition to any outfit.

Whether youíre looking for something cheap and cheerful that you wonít mind ruining at a festival or you want a professional baseball cap that will give your style an edge, pick up some festival hats or festival clothes right here!