Official Monkee Genes, aka Monkey Jeans, are now in stock here at Blue Banana and boy are we excited! These Monkee Genes skinny jeans combine the latest designer fashion and jean styles with 100% ethical manufacturing, making them some of the best you can buy. Created to bring out true rhythm and your own natural sensitivity, these Monkee Genes are made with unrivalled skill and care. Complete with a distinctive fit and high quality materials, Monkee Genes are manufactured with conscience and purpose.

As if this wasn’t enough, these jeans are the very first to carry the Soil Association Organic Standard, guaranteeing their commitment to ethical practices. So why not grab your first pair of Genes and become an official Monkee today?

Monkee Genes Clothing for the Little Monkey in You

Ensuring that each pair of Monkee Genes are free from chemicals, pesticides and are not created using sweatshop labour has been a devoted passion for Monkee from its very beginning. Complete with the Global Organic Textile Standard, every pair of Monkey Jeans brings light to a world filled with cheap and disposable fashion manufactured without soul or identity. So whether you want that perfect indie look or the ideal bum-snuggling genes for that alternative outfit, we promise Monkee will have the Genes for you.

Women's and Men's Monkee Genes – Supa Skinny, Flares, Pinstripe and More

Whether it's supa skinny jeans, flare genes or their infamous dogtooth styled jeans, Monkee aren’t just another environment and ethically friendly manufacturer. They also take pride in every single line they produce, creating hardwearing, durable and ultra stylish fashion for any occasion and look. With some of the best product and fashion designers in the world, Monkee Genes create hot, sexy and stunning fashion wear while staying true to their very ethos and beliefs. So with thigh-slimming, body contoured, must have fashion available in some of the hottest fabrics and jeans around, bring out your inner monkey now!

Top Quality Chinos and Skinny Jeans from Monkee Genes

What sets Monkee Genes apart from the competition is their unique stance as an ethical and organic provider of well-cut jeans. Offering skinny fit jeans in a range of bright and beautiful colours, and with each pair being thoroughly dyed and treated to give the best colour and feel around, Monkee Genes are set to take the world by storm. Get a pair of designer jeans from us, one of the few providers of these unique Monkey Jeans, and you’ll have a pair that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Rather than focusing on disposable fashion, Monkee Genes is the product of designers and will give you long lasting quality and style that has set them apart from the rest.