Cupcake Cult Splash Hoodie (Yellow)
Welcome to our Cupcake Cult selection, a fine range of clothing from a successful and fashionable offshoot of Poizen Industries.  Featuring great Cupcake Cult t shirts, hoodies and vest tops, it offers a colourful twist to gothic clothing, not to mention producing great quality apparel.  Featuring distinctive designs and stand out prints, this brand is quickly becoming as popular as its parent company, ensuring future success for years and years to come.

If you’ve never come across Cupcake Cult before, we suggest you check them out as they offer something for people from all scenes and styles.

Eclectic Cupcake Cult Collection

The Cupcake Cult brand comes from a large umbrella company, offering a whole host of funky, punk clothing that focuses on quality.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that their apparel is of such a high standard, offering something completely different from any other brand out there.  Known as having an evil streak, many Cupcake Cult t shirts feature cute prints with an evil twist, guaranteeing that you will catch the eye.  With a whole range available to cover every need, you can be the best dressed girl in town when you invest in the Cupcake Cult brand.

Cupcake Cult Clothing Range

With a whole range of Cupcake Cult clothing, we’re one of the biggest and best suppliers out there, with new t shirts and hoodies coming in all the time.  Every season we get the latest range in, ensuring that you’ll be ahead of the fashion game wherever you go.  So if you want to add to your punk image with a splash of colour and high quality apparel, you now know what to buy.  Your mates will soon be asking where you got your awesome new top from and you know what to tell them – Cupcake Cult of course!