Sullen Weapons Of Creation T Shirt (White)
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Imagine a world where you wear your tattoos not only on your skin, but also on your clothes; that is exactly what tattoo-inspired fashion kings Sullen have created! If you have a passion for ink and you love classic flash tattoos, then Sullen Clothing will be right at home in your wardrobe!

Here at Blue Banana we stock a huge selection of Sullen clothing, from tees and vests to hoodies there is bound to be a wicked design just waiting for you on our shelves.

Founded in 2001 in Huntington Beach, these designers are heavily focused on art in all its forms and work tirelessly to combine that authentic tattoo-style with casual clothing that appeals to a huge audience. With a mixture of designs, Sullen clothing features dark art with skulls and ghoulish faces which ticks the box for Gothic style. However a lot of their pieces also feature subtle use of colours and focus heavily on traditional tattoo-style art; meaning this versatile clothing can suit any alternative wardrobe! 

For the latest and best Sullen clothing as soon as it hits the shelves, there really is nowhere else to go. 

Show Off Your Tatts In The Awesome Sullen Clothing Range

One of the best things about Sullen clothing is that all of their items, whether for men or women, are super versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Whether you just want something to hang out in or to wear whilst biting your nails at your local tattoo studio, this apparel is perfect. Artsy superstars Sullen also offer a fantastic alternative to normal workout clothes, allowing you to look fashionable and express your personality at the same time as working up a sweat, which is why this Sullen clothing line has it's reputation of being such a crowd-pleaser. 

With all this versatility and individual style, it's not hard to see why we're such big fans of Sullen clothing, and we're pretty confident you will be too!

Sullen T Shirts For Any Occasion At Blue Banana

As a reliable supplier of Sullen clothing we’ll be getting all of the latest lines and trends as they hit the shelves. So if you need some Sullen t shirts for the new season or you want a cool hoodie for everyday wear, check out the awesome collection on offer today. We can guarantee that both men and women will find something they will love in this Sullen alternative clothing line, even if you aren't already a follower of Gothic fashion, this touch of darkness could be just what your alt look is looking for! 

If you’re still a little unsure on which Sullen clothing will suit you best, read our excellent product descriptions or call our trained staff for some sound advice.