Check out our range of festival bum bags, backpacks and duffle bags. 

You'll find a range of bum bags for festivals in our collection. These retro bum bags are perfect for holding your belongings while you watch bands, and you won't have to worry about anything falling out of your pockets!

Durable music festival bags are an essential item if you’re thinking of going to one of the dozens of music festivals across the UK. 

What with everything you have to carry from tent pegs though to sleeping bags, mats and don’t forget food, it’s an almost definite you’ll need a strong, lightweight and versatile bag to carry all your vital festival gear. Here at Blue Banana we love festivals and many of us are veterans of the scene, so we’ve used our experience and knowledge to create one of the best festival bags ranges in the UK.

Festival Bags and Backpacks Range

Aside from this, our festival bags are ideal for everything, whether you want to go camping, to the beach or even hiking, so it won’t sit and gather dust until the next time you go to Reading!  Best of all, our team has ensured that only bags and backpacks that can survive the rough treatments, terrain and wear and tear of festivals are included in our range. So if it’s in our store, take it as a recommendation from us! Made from a variety of lightweight, breathable and even waterproof materials, you’re sure to find the perfect bag for your festival gear, whatever you’re planning on buying.

Everything You’ll Need for Your Festival Gear

We’ve also worked hard to ensure that we offer festival bags for every budget, purpose and person and if we don’t have the exact bum bag or backpack you’re looking for in our range why not send us an email. We’d be only to happy to help you find an alternative and can always assist you with anything else you’re looking for. Best of all, many of the items in our store feature expedited shipping, so if you’ve forgotten this essential piece of kit, you’ll still be able to get it just in time. And with such a large range of sizes, styles, colours and designs, you might also find that ideal festival bag for that crazy festival goer in your life.