Blue Banana 8m Telescopic Flagpole
One of the essential items for your kit, festival flags are a must-have for any music event you are going to. Whatever festival you're going to, you're guaranteed to feel left out if you donít take your very own band flag with you.

Whether it's to support your favourite band or to show loyalty to your lifestyle or beliefs, you need to have one in your outdoor equipment essentials. Luckily for you, Blue Banana has a great range of festival flags for sale at amazing prices.

Not only do we have a great range, all of our festival flags, poles, and stakes are sent straight to you via our lightning fast delivery service so you're sure to have your item with you when you head off for the weekend.

Complete Festival Flags Range

Here at Blue Banana, we know how music festival flags can make a huge difference to your weekend. Not only do they allow you to show support for your favourite bands and causes, or even just make people laugh, but they're vital in helping to find your tent when you're blurry-eyed at 3am. So, why not pick up a festival flag to help mark your territory, so that your friends can find you, or maybe just to decorate your campsite? With such versatility, you should make our awesome flag poles an essential item for your festival wear kit for the weekend.

We've got a great range of festival flags and other essential accessories such as poles and stakes you'll need to ensure your flag flies tall proud above your campsite. There are flagpoles of varying sizes and many are also telescopic for easy storage when disassembling at the end of the festival. There's also plenty of flags with awesome designs that will most definitely stand out amongst the crowd of thousands at any festival.

Amazing Flag Poles for Festivals

With years of festival experience, we know that some flag poles can be poor quality.  But when you buy from us you can be sure that these custom flags are nothing but top-quality. Whether you're looking for a national flag, novelty flag or one from your favourite artist, we have tried and tested each one to ensure they will get you through the whole weekend. So, for the best band flags on the market today, look nowhere else than our brilliant festival flag range!