Alchemy Gothic Laboratory Chaterlaine Necklace
Alchemy Gothic Laboratory Chaterlaine Necklace
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Our steampunk necklaces are sure to add that special something to your steampunk outfit. Browse our fantastic range now, featuring brands like Alchemy and Golden Steampunk.

There’s one really great way to add authenticity and uniqueness to your steampunk costume and that’s with a Steampunk necklace! Adding Steampunk jewellery can really make or break the quality and originality of a costume and no diehard Steampunk enthusiast should be without some amazing added accessories.

We have a great deal of Steampunk necklaces from well-known brands such as Alchemy for both men and women to enhance the authenticity and style factor of their Steampunk outfit. With such a great choice available, you’re bound to find the one that will go perfectly with your carefully created Steampunk alter ego’s costume.

Add Authenticity To Your Cosplay With  A Steampunk Necklace

Adding accessories to your Steampunk outfit can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing the authenticity of your costume, and our Steampunk necklaces are carefully selected so that even the most diehard cosplay enthusiasts will find what they’re looking for.

Each and every necklace is designed to look as if they were taken straight out of a Steampunk fantasy novel and feature pendants and styles from the Victorian era and bear all the hallmarks typically associated with Steampunk, including steam and brass cog based machinery. They’re sure to impress the most passionate of Steampunks and those curious about getting into the style.

Our Steampunk necklaces are all made to the very best quality and many come from the well-respected alternative jewellery experts, Alchemy. Each and every one has been given stunning attention to detail which makes them look as authentic as possible so that even the most diehard of Steampunks will be impressed. You can definitely picture the characters from Steampunk fiction wearing these necklaces and pendants.

Steam Powered Style With Steampunk Necklaces  

  • Authentic Looking Steampunk Jewellery & Accessories
  • Great Variety Of Steampunk Based Designs For Men & Women
  • Ideal For Steampunk Cosplay & Enthusiasts
This collection of Steampunk necklaces features a whole host of unique designs that are stunningly accurate to the styles of the Steampunk subculture. There are Victorian style pendants and many odd contraptions made from cog based machinery that are associated with the Steampunk phenomenon. Also included are little Shottle Bop elixir bottles that come with various retro style tonics that you’d commonly see in Steampunk fantasy. All these necklaces and pendants are of the utmost quality and are bound to give your steampunk look some extra flair and authenticity.

So if you’re already a diehard Steampunk that wants to enhance their costume, or somebody who’s curious about this unique style, then a Steampunk Necklace might just be what you need. They have an authentic look that no hardcore Steampunk fan can deny is accurate and they're made with stunning attention to detail.

They all each have their own individual style that wouldn’t make them look out of place in an actual Steampunk world and are just perfect for cosplay or casual Steampunk enthusiasts. So don’t delay in adding some extra Steampunk flair to your look with an awesome and authentic looking pendant!


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