Alchemy Corvus Machina Pendant
Alchemy Corvus Machina Pendant
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Complete Your Outfit With Some Steampunk Jewellery

If you’d like to create the perfect Steampunk image then your best bet is to introduce some Steampunk jewellery to your vintage clobber. Whether it’s Steampunk fashion or otherwise, jewellery can blend in and tie up all of your garments, helping to transform a collection of clothes into a full blown outfit.

Steampunk’s blueprint is embedded with features from bygone eras. The alternative subculture draws influence from the British Victorian era and American Wild West. Steampunk embraces classic fashion, design and literature which fabricated Western civilization during the 19th century.

Not only do they use authentic designs provided by the past but they marry this with speculative fiction including science, horror and other fantasies. With these ideas blending together, Steampunk culture is enriched with charming, enchanting and spectacular fashion accessories, using a whole host of designs and constructions to stamp home that Steampunk style.

Steampunk Jewellery Helping To Decorate Your Fictional Vintage Style

Due to the many different factors inspiring Steampunk culture, there is no surprise that Steampunk fashion holds a vast array of accessories and jewellery. Depending on your commitment to Steampunk you can find items that are wacky and wild or elegant jewellery which anyone can enjoy, regardless of their genre. You can select beautiful pendant necklaces, striking cufflinks, steampunk brooches and bracelets, or for the more adventurous there are accessories such as capes, gas masks and aviator goggles.

Although the jewellery comes in many different shapes and sizes, there is one running theme throughout, and that is the eccentric Steampunk designs. Steampunks show admiration to the Steam era by donning designs that were imperative to its success .Cog wheels and other tailoring tools are a common feature within Steampunk accessory designs. Divulging in early machinery and mechanical features helps to bolster the image of any loyal Steampunk enthusiast. A chunky necklace displaying a fixture of cogs is the perfect way to pay homage to Steam based technology.
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  • Intricate & Authentic Designs From Brands Such As Alchemy

Beautiful Steampunk Accessories Born From Fantasy

Although Steampunk jewelry often shows references to key thinkers and theorists, it does also represent fictional characters and ideas. A huge part of the Steampunk style comes from fantasy and science fiction, with many keen Steampunk fans becoming engrossed in past literature and exploring features from alternative worlds. You don’t have to look far to see the fictional impact being represented within Steampunk items. Characters such as Sherlock Holmes or references to celestial discoveries and far away thoughts are often portrayed by iconic motifs, patterns and designs.

Steampunk is an ever growing subculture, proving popular among Gothic inclined dressers or people who want to drop their identity at the door. Becoming a Steampunk allows you to recreate your image and don a different disguise; it also lets you appreciate key times within modern history. Steampunk fashion and clothing is a niche and special range but without the accessories and jewellery to decorate your outfits you’ll only look half the part.