Criminal Damage Skinny Fit Jeans (Wine Burgundy)
We love Criminal Damage clothing here at Blue Banana. With its urban and gritty inspired designs, minimally constrained styling and unique touches, Criminal Damage clothes truly reflect the passion and emotion of the alternative scene.

Established late into 1991 from the streets of East London (no less), this awesome brand clawed its way from street wear to stage wear and far beyond. Sporting chic fashions from dark and macabre through to bright and bold itís really not hard to see why festival goers, rock legends and even sporting greats are wearing Criminal Damage clothing.

Inspired Criminal Damage Clothing Designs

Featuring both understated and classic designs Criminal Damage clothing works in synergy with the alternative scene allowing those to express their individuality with every outfit they create. Whether itís hoodies, jeans, t shirts or even just a pair of sweats, every piece of clothing is created with unrivalled quality and attention to detail.

Clothes by Criminal Damage get the balance between fashion and practicality spot on, with vintage-inspired apparel mixed with the laid back and cool vibe of the modern day. So whether youíre trend setting with Criminal Damage clothing or wanting to stand out from the crowd with some radically rocking festival wear we promise you wonít be disappointed.

Official Criminal Damage Clothes and Accessories

With a plethora of super skinny fit jeans for every mood and scene youíre in, clothing by Criminal Damage features a cool and edgy aura with its retro-inspired designs and modern-futuristic fusions. Perfect for creating that ideal look, going to that concert or even just kicking back on the couch, you canít get designer clothing any better than this.

By letting their own designers Ďhave fun and do their own thingí Criminal Damage has created a force to be reckoned with, and one that we hope will never be fully rivalled. So if you donít have any clothes or Criminal Damage clothing accessories we really think you should consider getting some, quick!

If this awe-inspiring brand isn't what interests you why not take a look around at the rest of our amazing Blue Banana clothing selection today. Packed full of accessories, guides, clothes and more, we're sure you won't ever want to leave.