Bleeding Heart Tail Jacket (Black)
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Whether you’re an elegant lady or a spiffing Gent there are many Steampunk jackets to help complete your vintage outfits. Steampunk fashion draws upon multiple influences, motivated by the Steam era itself, Victorian clothing and science fiction fantasy. When all these factions are combined it makes up a wonderfully unique subgenre full of character, charm and invention.

Steampunk coats and jackets remain a favourite for Steampunk dressers. Due to coats and jackets usually remaining the first item of clothing to be seen they’re usually the most decorated items in terms of Steampunk accessories and trims. This is one of the main factors of Steampunk clothing, decoration is a key feature to help accentuate those aged traditional clothes.

Wrap Up Warm And Look Regal With Some Quality Vintage Steampunk Jackets

The sheer volume of clothing and styles that influence the Steampunk genre means that Steampunk jackets come in a vast array of designs, styles and structures. For Steampunk ladies jackets, they’re usually delicate and intricately styled, using laces and frills to express that elegant old fashioned style. Velvet jackets are also a main fixture within women's Steampunk clothing - the velvety touch and shimmer is much desired to achieve that sophisticated softness.

Military jackets are also a big look for both Steampunk men and women. Instead of a sleek and slick accentuation of the figure, these are typically strong, structured and rigid. The attractive thing about military jackets and coats is that many already come complete with Steampunk decorations and trims. Features such as shiny popper buttons, shoulder patches and coat buckles all help to produce a commanding and authoritative character.
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Steampunk Jackets Will Complete Your Vintage Image

Way back to the eras of old it was a common sight for ladies and gents to have specific coats for outings, these were called ‘outing jackets’. These jackets were the pride and joy of summer and winter walks, and proved to be a great way for regal folk to flaunt their style and status. Outing jackets still remain popular amongst Steampunk dressers and enthusiasts and they’re usually show stopping items that help to reinforce their entire classical look.

Steampunk men’s jackets are also an eclectic range, from formal tailcoats for the suave Gentleman appearance to khaki Safari jackets and smoking jackets for casual days out. The Steampunk man is always looking to gain top spot amongst his peers, up staging his counterparts with the use of highly decorative jackets and coats.

If you are finding it difficult to totally finish off your classical and traditional outfit then a simple inclusion of a jacket can ultimately get you achieving that perfect Steampunk costume. If you’re a man or woman who immerses themselves into the Steampunk genre then a reliable and distinguished jacket is a necessity for your wardrobe.