Golden Steampunk Grim Long Coat (Black)
Whether youíre a lady of steam elegance or a true steam Gent there are plenty of Steampunk coats to help you show off your vintage Steampunk style. Steampunk fashion and culture has hit a major boom in recent years, many have become enthralled with the decorations and clothing from bygone eras. Itís a way for people to resurrect traditional clothing but a smart old fashioned coat isnít where it ends.

Steampunk fashion draws influence from science fiction as well as the Steam era. The Steam era saw many theorists and inventors draft up machines ahead of new ways of creating energy and mobility. Many of these were fantasy thoughts but remain a clear inspiration for Steampunk culture to embrace.

The mix of fantasy, Steam machinery and classical clothing makes Steampunk fashion a completely unique alternative scene. The attraction of dropping your true identity at the door and recreating yourself into a regal charmer is a transformation that Steampunk fans love to experience.

Look Sharp And Keep Warm With Some Classic Steampunk Coats

Seeing as coats are a dominant item of clothing for any scene, usually being the last layer of clothing and first to be seen, itís important for Steampunk dressers to select the perfect coat to finalise their image. Steampunk coats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and disguises. Many coats are tailored for specific looks and styles, such as long military coats for men or small and cute Victorian coats for women.

Much of Steampunk clothing is littered with fancy decorations that pay tribute to core Steam era features as well as Victorian old style trims. Cog wheel decorations, big brass buckles, shiny popper buttons and fob chains are popular Steampunk accessories that are often implemented onto the coats. Many coats with Steampunk designs already include apt and relevant accessories, helping you to achieve a decorative look within seconds.
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Steampunk Coats Come In Many Different Vintage Styles

Other coats use volume to present that charming aged style. Coats such as the Inverness Coat use wide collars and huge sleeves to portray a cloak design Ė an outfit thatís associated with Sherlock Holmes, one of Steampunkís treasured characters. Regency Tailcoats were rife within the early 19th century, Steampunk also look to bring back these vintage vibes to the modern day.

It doesnít always have to be long, as Sack Coats or Town Coats offer people a shorter alternative to the larger Frock coat. Pretty much every coat from the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eraís can be explored by Steampunk dressers. Whatever era you go for, you are certain to enjoy the durable and comfortable materials, with Steampunk clothing still using authentic wool, silk, brocade, satin and velvet in production.