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One the fastest growing clothing styles in the alternative scene is undoubtedly the Steampunk dress, which takes its inspiration from science fiction and, most notably, steam powered machines and the industrialised Victorian civilisation of the 19th century.

Whilst Victorian is quite often the main theme behind this form of dresses, skirts and other clothing accessories, the American wild west also exerts influence over the fashion subculture, as do fantasy and post apocalyptic eras.

If you’re not familiar with Steampunk fashion, there is every reason for you to think that a Steampunk dress looks a little bit odd, and not even the most avid fan of this type of clothing would blame you for having that opinion to begin with. Since most of the designs that are prominent within the Steampunk clothing genre feature technology or futuristic yet retro machinery, you’ll certainly be forgiven for not seeing the power this fashion can exert as easily as those who have already adopted it.

Why Do People Choose To Dress In Steampunk Clothing?

As a fashion genre, Steampunk is incredibly flexible, which goes some way to explaining why it has gained such a large following over the last decade or so. With its ability to adopt horror, speculative fantasy or any historical elements into its clothing, people are able to modify their Steampunk dress to exactly what they want to achieve, giving it a larger potential reach than many other cultures within the alternative clothing scene. This flexibility also makes it incredibly hard to define what Steampunk fashion is – another reason why it is so popular amongst its followers.

The word Steampunk didn’t even exist until the late 1980s, and when it was used it was almost always tongue in cheek, and a reference to cyberpunk. Since then, however, it has become entrenched into even mainstream culture, with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea being one of the films to bring it into the public eye, even if they might not have noticed it. Subtly, Steampunk dress and fashion is steadily growing around us, which opens up huge possibilities for alternative clothing as a whole.

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So, what should you be looking for if you’re trying to achieve that classic Steampunk look? Well, there are so many variations of the genre but in general you’ll need:
  • Some form of goggles, or a gas mask if you’re feeling particularly brave!
  • Brooches or jewellery with a mechanical look to them.
  • Women should be looking for floaty, pleated dresses or skirts, and lace shirts or corsets.
Undoubtedly there is no real way to define what Steampunk clothing is – it’s far too fluid for that. Instead, all we can do is offer the best selection of designer dresses, goggles, skirts and more and hope that you can define your own style for yourself – good luck!

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