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Steampunk Waistcoats

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Golden Steampunk Lady Wales Waistcoat (Green/Black)
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Check out our collection of steampunk waistcoats!

If youíve always wanted to dress like a sophisticated Victorian gentleman and the heroes in Steampunk fiction then youíre in luck! We have a great selection of Steampunk waistcoats that allow you to give your Steampunk costume an authentic and smart look thatís sure to make you stand out.

The subculture of Steampunk is all about Victorian era fashion combined with advanced steam powered technology, and our gentlemen's waistcoats are a core part of the fashion style. Combined with various other Steampunk items of clothing and accessories you can create a genuine Steampunk costume worthy of admiration with a steampunk waistcoat from our collection. 

Add Sophistication To Your Cosplay With Steampunk Waistcoats

The Steampunk phenomenon is founded upon a huge fascination for the subgenre of fantasy fiction in which anachronistic steam based technology is present in Victorian and Edwardian era culture. From Discworld novels to video games like Bioshock Infinite, Steampunk has been ever present in the media over the decades and adoring fans have shown their passion for the genre by dressing like its characters. Gentlemen would dress in Steampunk waistcoasts and suits with pocket watches and goggles, whilst ladies would wear fabulous dresses and jewellery. Itís a hugely growing trend with more and more people experimenting with the Steampunk look every day.

An essential part of any dedicated male Steampunkís wardrobe is a sophisticated Steampunk waistcoat. Steampunk gentlemen wear all kinds of clothes as part of their costumes for conventions and just for fun, with a waistcoat helping to complete an authentic look. A Victorian style jacket can be worn over shirts and as part of a three piece suit. And donít forget, accessories such as a pocket watch that can be tucked away in the waistcoat and cog based jewellery can really enhance the authenticity and quality of your Steampunk alter ego cosplay.

Victorian Waistcoats For The Best Dressed Gentlemen

  • Quality Authentic Steampunk Style Waistcoats
  • Ideal For Enhancing A Steampunk Costume
  • Great For Steampunk Conventions And Cosplay
We have a great selection of Steampunk Waistcoats to choose from in our collection thatíll ensure youíre the best dressed Steampunk at the conventions. Each and every single one is made from the same materials real Victorians would wear and have stylistic touches that make them true Steampunk. These include gold chains for pocket watches, brass coloured buttons, retro style designs such as tweed and pinstripe and Steampunk themed colours which include a lot of browns. Although you can customise your Steampunk look any way you want, we think a waistcoat is one of the best ways to create a really authentic look perfect for cosplay and impressing the other Steampunks at conventions.

So if youíre already a dedicated Steampunk, or perhaps just a little curious about this unique phenomenon, then why not start off experimenting in the steam based fantasy attire with one of our fabulous Steampunk waistcoasts? What can start off as just a little fun hobby can soon grow to become a lifestyle and eventually you might have a whole wardrobe full of Steampunk clothes! Our waistcoats have an authentic retro style so that even if youíre not a steampunk youíll be able to enjoy their sophisticated look.