Sometimes itís difficult to know which type of jeans are the right ones for you. With cuts including straight leg, skinny jeans, boot cut and flare to number just four, itís easy to get confused when it comes to finding the right style to give you the fashion impact youíre looking for.

The great news is that skinny jeans are the favourite of fashionistas all over the world. Combining a relatively smart look with a sexy feel that makes you feel like youíre at the height of fashion, thereís nothing better than a great pair of skinnies to complement any outfit Ė and they go brilliantly with boots, shoes, heels or even pumps, meaning they are one of the most flexible and versatile jean cuts around.

Crucial Skinny Jeans Facts

If youíre thinking of getting some skinny or slim jeans for your wardrobe, remember:
  • Skinny jeans are exactly what they say and are very slim, figure hugging trousers all the way down to the bottom of the leg at your ankle.
  • These jeans are often very flattering and slimming, particularly on women, where they add a sense of mystery and intrigue to male wearers.
  • Want the super skinny jeans style? Check out a pair of jeans with zipped ankles for the tightest cut.
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