Vixxsin Dark Crow Halterneck Dress (White/Black)
When it comes to most unique and daring design in alternative fashion, you can’t go wrong with this awesome clothing from Vixxsin! We’ve got tops, leggings, hoodies, jackets and more that are all bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Essential Alternative Style From Poizen Industries' Vixxsin!

Vixxsin is one of many fashion labels created by parent company Poizen Industries, who specialise in alternative fashion. Vixxsin’s creative style is inspired by punk, goth,
grunge and even the occult. It’s a brand that’s most definitely for anyone that really want to stand out and make an impression with their style.

Vixxsin designs a great variety of different clothing and accessories for goths, punks, and alternative individuals to wear, including tops, t shirts, leggings, jackets, dresses, hoodies and so much more. There’s a little something for everyone and designs bear gothic imagery, occult symbols and always feature trims that are out of the ordinary.

Blue Banana has a wide selection of clothing from Vixxsin by Poizen Industries that includes tops, hoodies, jackets and even leggings. All designs bear that unmistakeable style the brand is known for and they make a great addition to an alternative ensemble. Whether you’re looking for clothes with crucifixes on them, or a fur collared coat, you’ll no doubt be impressed with our cool collection!

Stand Out From The Crowd With Vixxsin Clothing!

  • Alternative & Gothic Style From Vixxsin Clothing
  • Tops, Leggings, Jackets & More
  • High Quality & Unique Designs
New designs from this exclusive fashion label formed by Poizen Industries are being added to our collection all the time and if you have an eye for the more unique side of fashion then you should most definitely check out all of the amazing designs we have.   

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