Mojo Master Blaster 14 Backpack
£27.00was £45.00

Looking for something a little different? Want unique, high quality designs? If you’re looking for a cool backpack for school or college, or just something to hold all your junk, then our range of Mojo backpacks are perfect for you!

Perfect for stashing your valuables in whilst you're at work or packing up your festival essentials, these backpacks will also accommodate an A4 folder or portfolio, making it an ideal choice for school or college. Each backpack features a few different compartments, ideal for keeping your keys, wallet and gig tickets safe!

If you like standing out from the crowd, then you'll love these bags! With everything from hyper-realistic space print and ornate sugar skulls to a delicate florals and a bag with actual, functioning speakers, Mojo are the kings of jaw dropping designs. With their signature branding and chunky zippers on each bag, you can be sure you're getting a genuine Mojo item.

So if you love a bit of street style, you won't want to miss out on an opportunity to check out our amazing range of Mojo backpacks before everyone else gets their mitts on it!